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Xayah & Rakan DUO Figure Set

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This product is a collector's item intended for ages 14+

Is there any duo more perfect to be our first DUO figure set? Nope - and this feisty couple wouldn't have any other way. Xayah & Rakan kick off our DUO figure variants as #04 in the Series 3 figure line. The Rebel and The Charmer are ready to spring into action to protect each other from all of their enemies in Runeterra.

Xayah & Rakan DUO Series 3 Figures Features:

  • DUO sized packaging - One collectible box, Two figures (Xayah, Rakan)
  • Xayah & Rakan in their base skin
  • Xayah jumping into the fray ready to skewer foes with her lethal quills
  • Rakan ready to protect his partner and lover

Approximate Measurements:


  • Height: 4.8 in / 12.2 cm
  • Width: 4.3 in / 11.0 cm


  • Height: 4.7 in / 12.0 cm
  • Width: 3.5 in / 9.0 cm

Figures are not sold separately.