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Ashe & Tryndamere Bracelet Set


Unite the Freljord in the name of The Frost Archer Ashe & The Barbarian King Tryndamere. Ashe's destiny of reuniting the Freljord is achievable as she attempts to embody the legendary Avarosa. With Tryndamere by her side, she looks to take on all challenges to her people.

These faux leather wristbands come with stainless steel adornments that can be worn together or in tandem with your favorite person. Each bracelet is individually boxed in premium packaging, featuring a magnetic flap to house both bracelets right under the landscape of Ashe overlooking the Freljord.

Approximate Measurements:

  • Ashe Bracelet - Length 8.15 in / 207 mm
  • Tryndamere Bracelet - Length 8.85 in / 225 mm


  • Stainless Steel
  • Faux Leather