Limited Edition

TFT Fates Art Print


Spirit Blossom Featherknight explores the world of Akana & Kanmei. Printed on archival-quality 18 x 27.75 inch paper, this piece of art features Akana Featherknight, Ao Shin, and more within the TFT: Fates set. All prints include hand numbering and an embossed League of Legends logo. Manufactured by the master printer of art gallery Cook and Becker.

Only 150 are available in North America and 150 in Europe.


  • 18 x 27.75 in / 45.72 x 70.49 cm
  • 270 gsm Radiant White paper
  • Individually Hand-Numbered
  • Embossed "League of Legends" Logo
  • Shipped in a tube
  • Manufactured by Cook and Becker