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Immortal Journey Irelia & Talon DUO Figures

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Long ago, in an ancient land, many souls gathered beneath the gods to test the limits of their power. Foolish and arrogant, brave and just, their journeys are written into the immortal pages of history...

In the light of his hubris, dragon king Talon is challenged by demigoddess Irelia to a duel in order for him to see humility.

The epic duel between these two are now available as #01 in Series 4.

Irelia & Talon DUO Series 4 Figures Features:

  • Collectible DUO Packaging - One collectible box, two figures (Irelia, Talon)
  • Irelia in her Divine Sword skin
  • Talon in his Enduring Sword Skin
  • Exclusive League of Legends Irelia & Talon Merch In-Game Summoner Icon

Approximate Measurements:


  • Height: 5.12 in / 13.0 cm
  • Width: 4.33 in / 11.0 cm


  • Height: 5.12 in / 13.0 cm
  • Width: 4.53 in / 11.5 cm

Figures are not sold separately.