Limited Edition

APEX Kai'Sa 1/6 Scale Statue

This product is a collector's item intended for ages 14+
Estimated ship date: 31 Mar 2024

A living embodiment of "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger", Kai'Sa maintains an uneasy symbiotic relationship with a living Void carapace as she hones her skills in anticipation of the coming darkness.

The latest League of Legends statue from APEX-TOYS features the Daughter of the Void firing off a swarm of her Icathian Rain missiles from her shoulder cannons.

Kai'Sa's base features a rocky environment and pair of defeated Void creatures. Her symbiotic armor has been painted with all the detail you would expect out of a dangerous, biological partnership with something born of the Void.

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Height: 11.8 in / 30 cm

Kai'Sa is hand-painted and sculpted by the skilled artists at APEX-TOYS. Don't miss your chance to add this Kai'Sa statue to your collection!