Limited Edition

2023 Worlds Unlocked: The Grind, The Glory Digital Edition


Bring the hype of Worlds home and onto the Rift (or the Howling Abyss) with the Worlds 2023 Unlocked: The Grind, The Glory Digital Edition. A first of its kind Worlds bundle, the Digital Edition includes a variety of exclusive League loot perfect for the budding and veteran esports fan alike.

Digital Content:

  • Worlds 2023 Renekton
  • Worlds 2023 Unlocked Renekton Chroma (exclusive)
  • Runeterra Gothic Icon (exclusive)
  • AWESOME! Emote (exclusive)
  • Kiss the Ring Emote (event exclusive from Mercedes-Benz)
  • Unvaulted Worlds Skin Capsule* (exclusive)
  • Worlds Event Pass
  • Renekton Champion Shard

*This capsule is being created with a loot table that will grant one of the following skins: Championship Riven; Championship Thresh; Championship Shyvana; Championship Kalista; Championship Ashe; Championship Ryze; Championship LeBlanc; Championship Zed; Championship Kha'zix; Worlds Jarvan IV; Worlds Azir.

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