In addition to our standard product development we aim to create special and limited products that help you -- the players -- celebrate moments and characters in an amplified and meaningful way. To better inform you of product variants and availability we’ve created this collectibility guide to walk you through how we think about these releases.


The majority of our products are standard releases. These items are released frequently and intended to stay in stock for several years. These products are generally restocked after they sell out.


Special Edition products are created to commemorate a special occasion or unique variant of that item. They are available for a shorter period of time, at the end of which the product design goes into our Vault and may only be re-released in limited quantities for special moments.


Limited Edition products are unique and specialized items that are produced only once, and in small quantities. When they sell out they are Retired and unlikely to be available again.


Chroma Edition products are hyper-rare color-variant micro runs of an existing product. Like Limited Edition products, once they sell out they are Retired.


“In The Vault” products are those that have completed their initial run and sell through. During special moments these products may be re-released in limited quantities and for a limited duration.

“Retired” products are those that have completed their full run and sell through with no intention of additional availability.


Products labeled “Be Back Soon” are those that will have additional stock and availability in the near future. They have a notification email that you can sign up for to be informed, as soon as possible, when they’re back in stock.

Q & A

Q: How often do things come Out of The Vault?
A: We do not have an established cadence around how often these products become available again but we aim to re-release these products during special occasions.. These “Out of Vault” moments are typically announced through our Riot Games Merch social channels, email, and website.

Q: Does this mean I can no longer get products that are Retired?
A: Correct, retired products have no intention of being returned to the store barring some especially unique circumstance. (We found a box of 10 in the back of the warehouse!)

Q: What’s a Series?
A: A series is a meaningful break in a collectible line. This gives us an opportunity to standardize any reworked approaches to our collectibles. Generally, an individual character will only appear once per Series.