Limited Edition

Spirit Blossom Kindred Statue

This product is a collector's item intended for ages 14+
Estimated ship date: 31 Mar 2024

On the eve of the Spirit Blossom festival, the veil between the mortal world and the Spirit Realm is at its weakest. Cross over and enlist the help of Spirit Blossom Kindred to venture back to the world of the living!

Ionian tradition interprets the Kindred as a child (Lamb) and beastly companion (Wolf). Never one without the other, Wolf is the founder of the very exclusive hide-and-seek losers club and dedicated devourer of bad spirits while Lamb is tasked with the duty of helping people along as they fade from the mortal to the spirit realm.

To do the symbolic incarnation of death justice (and mostly to prevent Wolf from biting our heads off), Spirit Blossom Kindred has been faithfully modeled in incredible detail from Wolf's fur and teeth down to Lamb's flowing hair and ribbons.


  • Two Lamb head sculpts (masked + unmasked)

Approximate Measurements:

  • Combined Height: 14.6 in / 37 cm
  • Lamb Height: 10.8 in / 27.5 cm

Disclaimer: Prototype shown in images. Packaging and product may vary slightly into final production