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2023 Worlds Unlocked: The Grind, The Glory Collector's Edition Box

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This collector’s edition is for the LoL Esports diehards that have been here since 2011. It’s for the fans who live for Baron steals and stand for Silver Scrapes. It’s for the ones who know xPeke from inSec and for the players who honor the grind and hunt for the glory.

Introducing the Worlds 2023 Unlocked: The Grind, The Glory Collector’s Edition - a first of its kind premium physical and digital package designed to help you bring the hype of Worlds home with exclusive collectibles and in-game content.

Physical Goods:

  • Worlds 2023 Unlocked Teemo Figure (exclusive black colorway)
  • Worlds 2023 Unlocked Pin (exclusive)
  • Worlds 2023 Tibbers
  • Worlds 2023 Baseball Cap

Digital Content:

  • Worlds 2023 Renekton
  • Worlds 2023 Unlocked Renekton Chroma (exclusive)
  • Runeterra Gothic Icon (exclusive)
  • Hooray Emote (exclusive)
  • Kiss the Ring Emote (event exclusive from Mercedes-Benz)
  • Unvaulted Worlds Skin Capsule* (exclusive)
  • Worlds Event Pass
  • Renekton Champion Shard

*This capsule is being created with a loot table that will grant one of the following skins: Championship Riven; Championship Thresh; Championship Shyvana; Championship Kalista; Championship Ashe; Championship Ryze; Championship LeBlanc; Championship Zed; Championship Kha'zix; Worlds Jarvan IV; Worlds Azir.

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