Powder's Wind Up Monkey


Bring a touch of Arcane chaos and Zaunite ingenuity to your collection today with Powder's Wind-Up Monkey!

Made in partnership with our friends at Idea Planet/BDA, Powder's Wind-Up Monkey is the most authentic representation of the monkey that changed the fates of Powder and Vi, if not Zaun and Piltover itself.

With glowing red eyes and gemstone along with a light-up display base and standing 8 inches tall, this 1:1 monkey also features walking and clapping action faithful to Powder's original invention and the sounds to match!


  • LED light up monkey graffiti display base
  • Light up eyes and gemstone
  • Powered walking and cymbals crashing action
  • Synchronized walking sounds and gemstone hits
  • Removable windup key
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Sticker and coaster set (Riot Games Merch store preorder exclusive)